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Sat, Apr 1, 2023, 9:00 AM EDT – Mon, Apr 3, 2023, 4:00 PM EDT
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Learn the spirit and skills of sashiko stitching from the authentic sashiko artist, Atsushi Futatsuya!

Sashiko is the traditional Japanese art of decorative mending stitches. In this 3-day workshop, you will learn about the art and history of Sashiko, how to use a long needle and make beautiful stitches, and how to find joy in stitching. You will learn how to transfer patterns to fabric and we will discuss ideas for future projects and how to use sashiko as part of a mindful mending practice. This is a unique opportunity to learn authentic Sashiko stitching from a traditional master, Atsushi Futatsuya, a third-generation Sashiko artist. You will be learning directly from his traditional family wisdom and years of experience as a Sashiko educator. Following a lecture and demonstration by Atsushi, students will practice this meditative art and advance their Sashiko skills with lots of hands-on guidance.

Day 1. Sashiko Stitching Workshop (Core and Basic)

This workshop is a learning opportunity rather than “let’s enjoy Sashiko together”. The participants will learn the important technique and mindset of Sashiko on the first day. This workshop will be the fundamental of the following days.

  • Learn the basic of Sashiko Techniques
  • Rhythmical Running Stitching - Unshin
  • The appropriate posture of Sashiko stitching.
  • How to use the thimble & needle appropriately.
  • How to make even stitches
  • Hands-on workshop with stitching the Asanoha pattern.

Day 2. Sashiko Mending Workshop - and yes, we will extend it to Boro.

On the second day, we will apply the technique I shared on the first day on to the actual project. The participants will learn the following.

  • How to prepare the fabric (Transfer the fabric / pre-stitching).
  • How to mend the garment with Sashiko techniques.
  • How to make Boro (What is Boro after all)

Day 3: Hitomezashi Workshop is an opportunity to make “it” happen.

The powerful and vivid beauty of Sashiko stitching, which is a bit different from Sashiko Running Stitches, is mainly from Hitomezashi Sashiko. Over the Hitomezashi Sashiko Workshop, I will share how to prepare the fabric, how to create the pattern, how to move the needle and thimble (A great opportunity to review the first Sashiko Stitching Workshop), and how to use the vintage fabric to collaborate Sashiko.

When people enjoy our Sashiko art, they get so surprised the beauty of Hitomezashi.

Supply Fee: (provided by Instructor) (Authentic Japanese Products) $150
I strongly prefer students purchasing the Supply Package Online before Workshop Starts. 
Please tell students to read this special website for your workshop & purchase a Supply Package.

For Day.1

  • 1 skein of Sashiko thread.
  • 1 of Sashiko thimble
  • 3 of Sashiko needles (Wrapped with orange paper in the same package of the thimble).
  • 1 piece of Dark Indigo Color Fabric with the Asano-ha pattern printed
  • 1 piece of Light Blue Color Fabric
  • 1 piece of fusible Interfacing (white fabric)
  • 2 piece of small swatches (Dark Indigo Color)
  • 1 sheet of Thread bobbin Paper (brown paper)
  • 1 x Finger cot & 1 x threader & 1 x

For Day.2

  • Several colors of Yokota Sashiko Thread for mending
  • Basting thread
  • Heat Adhesive thread
  • Various kinds of fabric swatches including some vintage fabrics.
  • For Day.3
  • Unique pattern printed fabric for Hitomezashi
  • Cotton Fabric for Hitomezashi
  • A skein | Choice of your color from the mono-color selection
  • 1 Natural Dye Sashiko Thread
  • This package includes some “surprises”.

Some vintage fabric will be included in the set and will be available for more. We will be hosting a trunk sale open to the public of Upcycle Stitches’s Sashiko supplies including kits, fabric, threads, and artworks.

You may also bring:

A list of tools & supplies for a student to bring: Tools: *We do not use them “all the time”, so if Aya Studio has some, they may be able to use them instead of bringing them to the workshop (recommended to make the workshop more comfortable).

● Ruler (s)

● Scissors (Fabric Scissors will be better)

● Notepad & something to write with

● Scotch Tape

● Pincushion / Needle Rest

● Regular Sewing set (☆) ○ Sewing needle ○ Sewing thread ○ Pins

● Bandage or masking tape to protect the finger’s nail (☆) Supplies ● Any garment they would like to have Sashiko stitches on for Day-2. Several options would be great for mending & for actual stitching. ● Any (Sashiko) threads, needles, thimbles and fabrics that they would like to confirm how to use (not required).

● Any books they would like to share (I do not have recommendations for books in English, though)

Relevant Feedback

Valerie Apr 15, 2023

I learned the history as well as the technique of Sashiko. The teacher is a nice man who explained the stitches and patterns very well. The studio is next to two great options for lunch. This is the second workshop I attended at Aya. I hope to return in the future.




3rd Generation Sashiko Artist

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