Maddy Feb 23, 2024
Workshop: PATTERNING THE PATTERN with Amy Nguyen
Shirley Feb 15, 2024

Amy Nguyen was such an inspiring instructor. I learned so much. AYA is a very well equipped and ventilated studio. The layout of the workspace easily accommodated the 9 people in the class. Suzanne has thought of everything to make the experience special. She generously shared her knowledge of fibre art with us and provided information about how to get to Stuart, where to stay, and some of the local sites.

Workshop: PROCESS + AWARENESS + CONNECTION with Amy Nguyen
Kim Feb 11, 2024

Fabulous week, learned so much and every piece was a win. Carol’s taught with patience and professionalism. A perfect week at AYA.

Workshop: A LITTLE BLUE ON WHITE SHIBORI with Carol Anne Grotrian
Tamara May 1, 2023

Great class to learn the process from start to finish. Suzanne is a wonderful instructor. Shows how, clear explanations, and guiding you all the way. Always sharing ideas and resources. Highly recommend the class to anyone wanting to learn katazome.

Workshop: Katazome- Japanese Paste Resist with Suzanne Connors
Ginny Dec 10, 2023

Charity is a kind, skilled instructor with a gentle easygoing manner and some really interesting techniques that were new to me and will take my felted garments to a new level! Suzanne’s studio space at Aya Fibers is very well set up for each student to have all the requirements for felting a large piece conveniently placed.

Workshop: FELT COUTURE FOR NUNO WITH Charity van der Meer
Jan Nov 6, 2023

Bryan has a fascinating background, great skills and knowledge of traditional fiber arts and Japanese culture. Our class worked hard on shibori, katazome and related skills for the 10 days, most often from early morning until late evening. I learned a lot, and increased my skills. I learned from my classmates as well as from Bryan. The setting was charming if a little crowded, and the food was excellent. All in all, a great experience. Bryan was sick and I understand the limitations that entailed in his energy and attention. I was quite disappointed that we did not do more outside the farmhouse and did not experience more of Japanese culture with him. I, for one, would have come back a stronger and more engaged student if we had time with him in a city or town experiencing more about kimono, textiles or any aspect of culture as a break. We did briefly go to the pottery and out for two local meals but that was it. I had expected that cultural aspect and did treasure his discussions and stories. Most of my fellow students were fully engaged and kind in what could be a very crowded and sometimes stressful setting. I would visit Japan again in a heartbeat and would consider taking his hanten class if I knew the class size and could count on some cultural activities.

Workshop: JAPAN TEXTILE TOUR- October 2023
Denise Apr 16, 2023

I love taking classes at Aya! All the workshops I have taken have been great. But Betty Busby’s Multimedia Fiber is the best one yet! Betty is one of the most exciting, fun, and generous teachers I have ever taken a class with!

Workshop: MULTI MEDIA FIBER with Betty Busby
Jane Dec 12, 2023

What a fun day! Suzanne made it so easy for someone with no experience leave class with pieces I was proud of. I will definitely be back for another class.

Lisa Apr 10, 2024
Workshop: Sashiko Class Core & Essence, plus Application
Araceli Apr 5, 2024

I recently attended a workshop at Aya Fiber Studio and had an amazing time! The workshop was not only informative but also fun. I also met wonderful women and enjoyed great conversations. The atmosphere was welcoming, and I walked away with lots of knowledge. Additionally, the cost of the class is a great value based on everything you walk away with. I highly recommend this workshop to anyone looking to learn and have a great time.

Nikki Apr 5, 2024

Amazing class, learned sooo much! Suzanne was wonderful and the group we were in class were all fun and helpful! Can’t wait to take another class in the future!!

Karen Mar 25, 2024

I really enjoyed this session! Mary Hark was a great and inspirational instructor who was patient and hardworking. I was also humbled by her work in Ghana and in her local community in St. Paul. I hope to sign up for another workshop soon.

Workshop: GARDEN PAPERS with Mary Hark
Tina Mar 24, 2024
Workshop: GARDEN PAPERS with Mary Hark
Sally Mar 24, 2024

Class with Mary Hark was excellent. Studio is a great setting for the work we did. Suzanne took good care of us from coffee, lunch, equipment to dinner suggestions!

Workshop: GARDEN PAPERS with Mary Hark
STACEY Mar 22, 2024

Mary Hark is a wonderful teacher and an inspiration in the art of paper making. I started the class with no knowledge of the medium and finished with a burning desire to learn more.
Suzanne runs a fabulous studio for the creation of all different types of art work. I felt the facilities were top notch.

Workshop: GARDEN PAPERS with Mary Hark
Lindsay Mar 22, 2024

Great class. Mary really knows her subject. As I mentioned to Suzanne, it would have been nice to have a handout with the contact information given verbally on Friday morning.

Workshop: GARDEN PAPERS with Mary Hark
Frances Mar 15, 2024

This was a fabulous class! I learned some many new techniques to improve my sewing.

Workshop: INDIGO VASES with Sue Spargo
kathleen Mar 15, 2024

Suzanne, you offered such a wonderful warm and comfortable environment.
Hope to see you soon.. esp in Blue Ridge… Keep in touch.
Kathy Weigel 561 523 0761

Workshop: INDIGO VASES with Sue Spargo
Judy Mar 15, 2024

This was the best workshop I have ever taken! Sue is so patient and gives one on one attention. She did not push the products she uses. However, she brought a huge variety for sale. This was invaluable as you want to purchase these notions once demo’d and everything was at your fingertips. Would definitely recommend.
The studio provided ample work space, was well lit and clean. Thanks Suzanne for picking up Panera lunch for us.She really makes you feel welcome. I’ll be back to take more workshops!

Workshop: INDIGO VASES with Sue Spargo
Valerie Mar 15, 2024

This is my third workshop at Aya Fiber Studio. The studio is spacious and well-ventilated. Suzanne makes sure that everyone is comfortable and aware of the important details of the workshop. Sue Spargo is an excellent teacher. I learned so many creative techniques. The bonus is meeting lovely ladies who become friends. I am a happy customer and will definitely come back.

Workshop: INDIGO VASES with Sue Spargo