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$ 150 usd
Mon, Dec 11, 2023, 9:00 AM – 4:00 PM EST
Aya Fiber Studio, 170 NE Dixie Hwy, STUART, Florida, United States Map

Come experience the magic that happens when Eco-Printing.

Eco Printing is a process of using plants to dye and print on fiber using direct contact printing methods

During our workshop’s; participants will explore the alchemy of water, plant materials, heat, and metal and finish the class with beautiful prints on protein fibers.

In these workshop's we will be creating samples and experimenting with different protein fibers ( silk, wool). I will show you processes that have worked well for me and the equipment and bundling techniques that are used.

Although students are asked to bring a variety of leaves to class, we will also forage to identify and collect plants for printing. Emphasis will be placed on safety, best practice procedures, environmental factors and plant characteristics.

The final project will be printing on a 14” x 72” silk scarf.

This is a relaxed, fun-filled class so come prepared for the wonderful smells that can only come from eucalyptus, and other natural leaves and be open to the magic

The Intro 1-Day workshop will cover:

  • The materials and equipment needed for eco-printing
  • Fabric selections & prep (please pre scour fabrics prior to class)
  • Choosing the right plants for dyeing and understanding the role tannin plays
  • Understanding the print process on protein fibers ( we will be using protein fibers only in this workshop, for use of cellulose fibers- please check out the 3 day class)
  • Preparing the leaves for contact printing
  • Different techniques for laying out your leaves
  • Methods of rolling, tying and cooking bundles


Intro to Eco Print- 1 day workshop

In this Eco-Print workshop, we will be creating samples and learning basic techniques of Eco-printing

Our workshops are technique driven- NOT PRODUCT and you will be able to print as many as time allows.

INTRO CLASSES- Studio will supply ALL fabrics + 1 scarf ( fee will be paid to instructor)

Students please bring:

  • 2-3 hand towels/ roll paper towel, old studio towels work well.
  • thin medical gloves ( iron stains nails)
  • Large Black Plastic trash Garbage bag
  • Notebook with pencil
  • Digital camera/phone to record your layout and compare with results.
  • Bring leaves from home ( with high tannin content) we can also do a walk about, Florist in plaza, check grocery for Eucalyptus, Flowers not used in this workshop; Good leaves to bring: Causarina, Silk Oak, Castor Bean, Wild willow, Copper leaf, Green from strawberries, Maho leaves, Various leaves for sampling
  • 2 plastic shoe box or old tupperware container
  • plastic sheeting (painters plastic) Can purchase in Home Depot Paint Department
  • Medical ACE Bandages.( 4-6)
  • (6) Wood Dowels: Min 1” thick- 16” long ( HD or Lowes; they will cut in store, can also use wood pole from closet dept.)

Relevant Feedback

Jane Dec 12, 2023

What a fun day! Suzanne made it so easy for someone with no experience leave class with pieces I was proud of. I will definitely be back for another class.



Suzanne Connors

Fiber Artist/ Educator

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Aya Fiber Studio, 170 NE Dixie Hwy, STUART, Florida, United States


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