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Amy Nguyen February 2024



 Pattern is an essential key to our work as we continue to explore the process of developing surface design while deepening our understanding of the elements and principles of art that go into our textile work. Perhaps we have discovered the essence in a piece we’ve created yet wish to develop further. Do we envision this on the body, in the home or as an installation? 

 In this workshop, we will continue our textile mindbodypractices through focused work with brush, paper and scissors to explore size, scale, repetition, rhythm and balance. There will be particular emphasis on deconstructing and/or layering a patterned cloth that we’ve already created. We will investigate placement of shapes, pattern repetition or changing the patternof our surface design with added hand or machine stitching. 

 Through creative patternmaking, we may also choose to develop a garment design pattern for our textile, perhaps by altering a historical shape such as the kimono to fit our body. Always paying attention to both the inside and outside, there will be demonstrations of seam construction and finishing techniques.

 Depending on the complexity of your design, a fully finished piece may not be fully realized during the course of the workshop, though working in a community will facilitate our textile piece moving into the world.

 A brief movement qigong/meditation practice will begin each day to encourage presence and awareness. By paying attention to not just the form we are creating, but also to our own form as we create, we encourage mindbody connection to deepen our studio practice and discover relationships and connections to inform our own evolution. 


*Process + Awareness + Connection workshop is a recommended prerequisite,



All levels welcome.


Relevant Feedback

Maddy Feb 23, 2024
Workshop: PATTERNING THE PATTERN with Amy Nguyen
Jo Feb 29, 2024

“Patterning the Pattern” is about deconstructing and transforming dyed fabric patterns into new pieced/quilted fabrications for actual use in simple garment silhouettes. Overall, “Patterning the Pattern” covers an informative and valuable topic taught by a thoughtful, experienced designer/teacher. I would definitely take this class again.

Amy is unique in her ability to bridge textile design with quilting and garment design. She generously shared her exceptional knowledge base using clear phrasing and life metaphors. The numerous samples and garments were inspiring and provided insight into her design process. Amy facilitated learning by offering time to explore, develop, and refine our individual skills from our unique perspectives. She works at providing balanced feedback to all students and also accepts input and the expansion of ideas from all. My great “aha moment” came when Amy explored ways to deconstruct and reconstruct patterns from dyed textiles.

This course was a natural followup to her 5-day workshop, “Process + Awareness + Connection”. Amy (and AYA) forged new territory by offering a class that moved beyond 2D surface design and gave participants the courage to move into garment shape-making with the potential to assemble their garments after the class. She did a great job of introducing simple garment patternmaking to these participants. It’s ambitious to make and fit, even a simple garment, in a 3-day workshop. I’m glad this was part of the content, but wonder how it might be consolidated in the future? Perhaps begin with textiles, followed by garment shapes and integration? That way, anyone with more patternmaking experience (like me) could begin working with textile patterns. And, as others worked on garment patterns, if they finished their muslin earlier, they could work on stitching.

Workshop: PATTERNING THE PATTERN with Amy Nguyen
Dolores Feb 20, 2024

Great topic, class, community, and facility! This was a good follow—up to the first class but needed a few more days in the studio. While we left with lots of ideas to follow-up on at home, I wish I had more concrete examples to take with me as a few people did. Sewing machines would have been helpful to create samples; handwork takes a lot of time. I’m conflicted about the draping to create a pattern. While it was a neat experience, it took a lot of time and still requires a long way to go before becoming a garment. I would suggest considering a simpler approach by giving a choice of a friendship jacket or something else. It could still be tweaked for each person but allow for time to experiment with different ways to play with the surface pattern through paint, quilt or puzzle piecing, etc. All of the other elements of the class would still be included while allowing for experimentation, trouble-shooting, sharing , peer in-put and collaboration. A finished product doesn’t have to be the goal but I’d like to feel as if I had a better foundation or more confidence in the tools, techniques, etc. that I was exposed to. Rather than feeling overwhelmed by a plethora of choices, limited options might allow more people to get into the play/experiment mode more easily or quickly even without a solid sewing background. I enjoyed it all: a wonderful few days with really lovely, supportive people. I look forward to seeing what we all come up with! Thank you, Amy, Suzanne, and all my textile friends!

Workshop: PATTERNING THE PATTERN with Amy Nguyen



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